Our Rehab department is an upbeat & optimistic environment where individuals recovering from stroke, fractures, falls, joint replacement surgery, pneumonia or other medical conditions work hard to overcome their challenges as they strive towards the ultimate goal of returning home.

Supplementing our subacute care is our respiratory management of residents suffering from COPD, acute bronchitis and other respiratory conditions. Staffed by professionals that hail from across the globe, our Rehab Team is an ethnic melting pot. This diversity allows patients of all nationalities to feel at home.

Motivated by our dedicated therapists who provide the tools they need to achieve positive outcomes while cheering them on every step of the way, our residents make tremendous strides as they regain their strength, mobility and fine motor skills. Therapy is delivered daily in our expansive and modern gym, well-stocked with the newest cutting-edge equipment.

Our Approach to Healing:
Connecting to our patients on an emotional level and motivating them to reach beyond what they thought they were capable of.